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  • Phone Consultation - We will discuss your basement remodeling needs to ensure we can complete your basement remodel within your guidelines. We will answer any remodeling questions that you might have. This is a great time for you to get to know us and make sure that Premier Basement Builders is the right fit for your basement remodeling project.


  • Basic Estimate - The basic estimate is a basement remodel "rough draft" provided to you based upon the information we have up to this point.   To avoid surprise charges, we also provide you a written list of everything that is included in your basement remodeling estimate.   At this point, we will attempt to uncover any previously overlooked aspect of the project. Ensuring bid accuracy is Premier Basement Builders priority.


  • Your Approval - Until now, all of our basement remodeling services are provided for free.   We will give you plenty of time to make your decision.   We will help you make the right basement remodeling choices to maximize home value.   This approval step says "yes, we are serious and would like to start". 


  • Detailed Bid and Drawings (if required) - If you choose to move forward, we will do a detailed basement remodeling bid at this time.   Although there is no charge or obligation for the bid, construction drawings (if needed) will have a charge. Before your basement remodeling drawings begin,  we will quote you a price for the written plans. All basement remodel details will be listed on this bid and the cost quote will be the final price.


  • Acceptance of Bid - Once you have accepted the bid, we will schedule your basement remodeling. We will present you with a final basement remodeling timeline and the contract for your final review. The payment schedule will also be discussed. The required deposit at the start of the project is used to acquire any permits, drawings, initial supplies, etc. Due to the custom nature of finished basements, the deposit and payment schedule is determined on a job to job basis. Nothing is signed and started until you are completely comfortable and ready to go!


  • Project Start - Premier Basement Builders will do all we can to ensure your basement remodeling is tailored to your specific needs. We are mindful of your property and your family life. Site preparation and protection of your house is important to us. We will do all we can to keep basement remodeling traffic and interruptions to a minimum by entering through back doors and  when possible loading materials through windows.   Any changes in the basement remodeling will be drawn up in a change order. Whether you add an item, we do something extra, or make anything larger or smaller we will have it accepted and signed by both parties. This is to ensure that we will not be creating any surprise charges. Your trust in us and our quality of basement remodeling work is very important to us and we will do all we can to earn your trust.


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